Oxygenation facial in Newport beach

Looking to get a oxygenation facial in Newport beach? Tarzy features an Oxygenating Trio Facial in her salon. This oxygenation facial in Newport beach is an antioxidant therapy facial that corrects free radical damage, helps prevent future free radical damage, and leaves your skin feeling fresh clean and vibrant! Oxidation and environmental stress of the skin is one of the more significant contributions to the aging process. You can get your oxygenation facial in Newport beach today and start a treatment that helps stimulate circulation and oxygenation within the skin, rejuvenating sluggish, stressed skin as it draws oxygen to the skin’s surface, resulting in a radiant, healthy glow! Contact Tarzy and schedule your oxygenation facial in Newport beach today!

Spray tanning in Newport Beach

Tarzy Salon provides custom spray tanning in Newport Beach. Tarzy is a licensed Esthetician and uses the same cutting edge long lasting solution as featured on “Dancing with the Stars”.  Tarzy customizes the right shades for each individual to give the best brillant glow! Her spray tan will make you look like you were sun kissed by a natural ray of sunlight glowing from head to toe. In as little as ten minutes, you will look even toned, stunning and slimmer.  Several benefits of custom spray tan include the ability to customize the light to dark feature, even skin color, streak free, natural scent, and to cover up any imperfections including bruises, hyper pigmentation, and white pasty skin.

Spray Tanning in Newport Beach

Spray tanning in Newport Beach can even be done during the winter, and has become very popular. You now can have stunning beautify skin year round in Newport Beach.  A custom spray tan compared to a mystic or self-tanner is highly suggested due to the even layer and the custom amount of spray on the skin. Custom spray tanning in Newport Beach provides less streaks and smells better. Tarzy can do the two hour express tan solution too. For the client that needs a quick express tan to develop in under two hours just ask for our “Express tan”. Tarzy features  the most asked for Spray Tan in Newport Beach. This tan is unscented, Alcohol-free and 98% natural spray solution for those environment friendly clients. Last but not least, Tarzy features the “Tahitian Tan” which is the perfect shade, the perfect glow and lasts the longest, not to mention it smells the best too!

Consistantly voted “Best of the Best” by Allure Magazine , and the color of choice for the sets of Disney, Dreamworks, HBO, NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX, South Seas is simply………FLAWLESS. Spray tanning in Newport Beach done by Tarzy Shayne Dries instantly, is not sticky, and will fade naturally.

If your looking to get any spray tanning in Newport Beach, please mention this blog and receive 50% off your first spray tan in Newport Beach.

PCA Peels in Newport Beach

Why do a PCA peel in Newport Beach Ca? Do you have Malasma, Hyper Pigmentation or uneven dark spots? PCA peels will help reduce these problem areas. PCA Peels in Newport Beach are amazing for tightening, toning, strengthening, refining skin tone, as well as minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. This is accomplished with hydroquinone, lactic acids and resorcinol,  which help with the cell turn over. One of the main goals of a PCA peel is perfecting the neck and decollete. This area of the body is one of the most important areas that really can show ones age, By using a PCA peel in Newport Beach it can help keep your body and face looking younger, firmer with a clear complexion. If your looking to do a PCA peel in Newport Beach Ca, please contact Tarzy Shayne, a licensed  esthetician and certified in PCA peels.

With PCA Peels, only you will know your true age!

Eyelash extensions in Newport Beach

If your looking to beautify yourself with eyelash extensions in Newport Beach, please check out Tarzy Salon. Tarzy has been doing eyelash extensions in Newport beach since 2008. She uses Ava lashes, Blink, and Babe products, practicing the Anastasia from Beverly Hills  method in unison, Tarzy can give you a perfect eyebrow arch wax and eyelash extensions in the same appointment!

Do you have an event? An up coming photo shoot? Or woutld you like to surprise your significant other with a sexy sultry look? It is only a phone call away! Tarzy will enhance the length, curl and thickness of your natural lashes, in about an hour. Tarzy will make you look stunning and fabulous and can be available on short notice for eyelash extensions in Newport Beach.

Eyelash extensions are a great way to dramatically enhance your facial appearance. Eye lash extensions usually last from 2  to 4 weeks and Tarzy guarantees her work. Tarzy only uses the top of the line products, primer and sealant to make the look last longer. Tarzy is certified and licensed and does make house calls to Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Newport Coast and Laguna Beach. Tarzy also is on location at 3420 Via Lido, Newport Beach, Ca 92663. If your looking to get your eye lash extension in Newport Beach, please call Tarzy today.