Sugar Scrubs in Newport Beach

Are you looking to buy Sugar Scrubs in Newport Beach? Available now in Newport Beach is Tarzy’s homemade and all organic sugar scrubs! Scrubbing your body from head to toe is a great way to start your shower routine to exfoliate and  cleanse your skin for a soft, supple, moisturized look and feel. As we all know a daily routine of scrubbing your skin with vitamin enriched sugar scrubs will keep your skin feeling and looking sleek. Other benefits of organic sugar scrubs include it being a great way to prep your skin before a spray tan. Exfoliating your skin with Tarzy’s sugar scrub will keep your tan even, and longer lasting. Custom spray tan is another service provided in Newport Beach by Tarzy! Getting back on track, our Sugar Scrubs in Newport Beach salons  will help prevent ingrown hairs, eliminate razor bumps and leave the skin silky Smooth. Every single one of Tarzy’s Sugar Scrubs in Newport Beach are made locally here in Newport Beach Ca. and are made with the best ingredients including essentials oils, rose water, many other vitamin enriched ingredients for the best possible sugar scrub in Newport Beach. Tarzy can also make custom sugar scrubs with a personal scent of your choice! If you are looking to buy Sugar Scrubs in Newport Beach, please contact Tarzy today for your skins health it’s an invigorating experience.