Sugar hair removal in Newport Beach

Tarzy Shayne is a Licensed Esthetician and Certified in Sugaring hair removal in Newport Beach Ca. Tarzy has been doing Sugar Hair removal in Newport Beach for the last 5 years and has built quite a name for herself locally.
History of Sugar Hair removal
Sugaring is one of the oldest most natural forms of hair removal known. Created centuries ago by the Egyptians when soaps were not available, they found that by removing body hair they could stay cleaner and fresher longer. So they invented sugar paste. Created from 100% natural products including,  yes, Sugar, water and lemon juice other natural items there are no additional chemicals making it environmentally friendly, and not tested on animals. Because of natural ingredients, there is no harmful side effects caused by chemicals with Sugar hair removal. Not only is sugar hair removal safe, easy and natural way to remove body hair, it is also used by modernized men too, and Sugar hair removal in Newport Beach is becoming a very popular alternative to waxing.
Benefits to Sugar Hair removal
 Other great benefits of sugar hair removal is it is soft on the skin and applied warm to the skin not hot like wax, meaning no chance of burns, which can be common with normal waxing. Sugar hair removal does not stick to anything moist, like your skin, only to dead cells such as hair, making it less traumatic to the skin and less painful than waxing or using chemicals. Sugaring is great for individuals with sensitive, dry or older skin and especially for those with eczema or psoriasis. Sugaring is used to remove dead skin and encourages healing of skin underneath. If your interested in more information on sugaring hair removal in Newport Beach, please contact Tarzy or her staff today.
Does sugar hair removal stop hair growth
When you do sugar hair removal, re-growth of the hair is slower, it comes back finer  softer and many times lighter in colour too. Sugar hair removal can lead to gradual diminishing hair growth over time. Every hair follicle is created to produce a certain number of hairs in its lifetime and by doing sugar hair removal the root is stimulated to produce another hair much faster than if it was naturally shed. The hair follicle will cycle though the number of hairs more quickly after which it will stop producing a hair and can lead to permanent hair removal.
If you would like to schedule an appointment, or would like more information on Sugar hair removal in Newport beach, please call or email Tarzy Shayne today.

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  1. I would absolutely recommend Tarzy Shayne! With my hectic schedule, I need an esthetician that is on time and efficient. Tarzy is both of these and extremely knowlegeable. If you need hair removal done in Newport Beach, Call Tarzy!

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